Tu Tran

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Tu Tran

Tu Tran is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Pharma Tech Industries. Tu is the chief architect for the vision and execution of strategic business development initiatives that maximize the company’s capabilities and client matrix.

Tu’s impressive career path spans engineering and manufacturing to sales and marketing at Fortune 500-tier firms, including Nestlé and Heinz. His broad experience allows him to bring a grounded, mindful business development paradigm emphasizing humility and stewardship:

“We are entrusted to serve our clients as their ultimate brand steward— protecting and innovating their products as if our very own. The enormity of this scope sustains our privilege to continue making products that fulfill promises.”

Tu earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University’s Sibley School of Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Marketing from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management. He and his family reside in Connecticut where he is a passionate volunteer ambassador who serves on the boards of youth, educational and civic organizations.