Oral Ingestibles

Pharma Tech manufactures a wide variety of powder based oral ingestible products that range from nutritionals to over-the-counter and prescription (℞) products, including NDAs. Products currently manufactured target digestive health, constipation, cholesterol, and diabetes.


Pharma Tech has multiple batch technologies and size capabilities included tote blending and ribbon blending.


Pharma Tech currently has the ability to fill and package ingestible powders in bottles, sachets, and stick packs across a variety of automation levels, depending on volume requirements.

Oral Ingestibles

"I deal with over 100 vendors and hundreds of contractors - all of whom claim to offer the best service. There are only a few that really do. And Pharma Tech is the one who consistently has no issues. Products are filled on time with no rejections."

- Purchasing Manager, Idelle Labs