For Avanir, Breath Powered Meets Pharma Tech's Breadth of Services
Five years ago, Pharma Tech began discussions with an innovative pharmaceuticals development company in the midst of developing a unique, breath-powered delivery system suitable for a variety of active pharma ingredients. Their initial market entry would involve a known chemical entity already approved for the treatment of migraine headaches in different dosage forms. The active pharmaceutical ingredient would be filled into a capsule and then placed into the delivery system's nosepiece; the company believed that this delivery method would provide significant benefits over others previously approved by FDA.

While Pharma Tech had produced many powder Rx products, it had never filled powder into capsules. However, the company had packaged powders into foil sachets - a requirement for this product - and, given its molding operations in Royston, GA, understood the operation's molded components aspect. The project comprised filling a low dosage of the drug's API into capsules for breath-powered inhalation. For its part, Pharma Tech's new customer had a knowledgeable, dedicated development team and, together, the two companies began the NDA submission process.

The steps were incremental yet attention-getting: In July 2013, prominent pharmaceuticals company Avanir announced that it would finish product development and NDA submission and market the product upon FDA approval, which was achieved in January of 2016.

As Avanir readied its waiting field force for commercial launch, Pharma Tech ramped up production operations to produce the initial launch quantities. To date, Pharma Tech has filled nearly one million capsules and nosepiece assemblies for this innovative new delivery system with production to continue, keeping pace with the commercial demand for the product.

In the process, Pharma Tech proved deft at performing a set of diverse, complicated, and unconventional filling and packaging procedures for a drug + delivery system combination that was the first of its kind. The work was an exercise - and a demonstration of - Pharma Tech's ability to branch out in terms of services while staying in line with its mantra of "Making Products That Fulfill Promises."
Can Effervescence Be Packaged? Indeed It Can.
Pharma Tech faced another unique challenge when the #1 dentist-recommended brand of effervescent denture cleanser asked for assistance with ramping up production of its cleanser. With global demand at an all-time high, the product marketer needed additional capacity quickly to complement its internal capabilities. Pharma Tech embraced the challenge.

The denture cleanser consisted of multilayered effervescent tablets in foil pouches. A complex process needed to be enacted to produce the final product. It involved pneumatically (using air pressure) transferring blended bulk powder to tablet presses. The tablets then needed to be placed in foil pouches. The Pharma Tech team got to work to make this happen in an expedited, ultra-efficient fashion so the manufacturer could meet its commitment to helping its customers with dentures live fulfilled, happy and healthy lives.  Commercial product began to ship earlier this year. Once again, Pharma Tech delivered on its mantra of "Making Products That Fulfill Promises." 
Fulfilling Promises Every Day
At Pharma Tech, many employees can be proud of the parts they played in helping these new products come to fruition. From the early days with the leadership team, sales, engineering, finance and the technical transfer team to the preparation for the launch with planning, procurement, operations, quality, warehousing, shipping, receiving and client relationship management, close to 100 Pharma Tech employees played an important role in bringing these new products to market. These projects stand as fine examples of internal cooperation leading to external results - an attractive and effective outward-facing corporate identity that has been Pharma Tech's hallmark for over 40 years.

Pharma Tech is pleased to announce that Jacobo Capuano has joined its leadership team as Chief Operating Officer.  Jacobo comes to Pharma Tech with more than 25 years of operations and strategic supply chain experience from world class companies such as Procter & Gamble, Clorox and Givaudan Flavors.  

Jacobo will be responsible for implementing Pharma Tech's operational excellence sustainability program, known as "XL". "X" stands for cross functional team and "L" stands for legacy, giving every employee across the organization an opportunity to engage in continuous improvement and create their own legacy.  Jacobo will be based out of Pharma Tech's headquarters in Athens, GA but spend much of his time at the company's facilities in Royston, GA and Union, MO.
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